Financial Information Management Systems

Strategic Objective:
  • To ensure effective and efficient implementation, integration and utilisation of financial systems and build capacity in provincial departments to enhance the effective utilisation of transversal systems in intitutions. 
  • The rendering of technical and strategic financial systems support to departments.
  • The development of policy framework to the evolvement of financial management systems.
  • To assess the utilisation of all transversal systems.
  • The determination of the requirement for financial management systems.
  • The provision of technical in respect of the maintenance of the transversal systems.
  • The building of capacity in provincial departments in respect of transversal systems.
  • BAS Support and Administration.
  • LOGIS Management and Support.
  • PERSAL Support and Administration.
  • Transversal Technical Support.


Ms. Lorna Jacobs (Acting Director)
Tel: 053 830 8236
Lanese Theron