Budget, Public Finance & Data Management

Strategic Objective:
  • To promote sustainable management of fiscal resources through planning and budget implementation.
  • Monitor expenditure trends against budget allocations
  • Ensure the tabling of a credible and balance budget aimed at attaining the goals and objectives of Provincial Growth and Development Strategy.
  • Promote and enhance performance monitoring (Non-Financial Information) and effective financial resource allocation and planning in the province.
  • Drive the MTEF budget process and determine annual budget allocations per function including resource shifts between departments in line with priorities.
  • Promote integration and synergy between budget priorities and expenditure in departments.
  • Assess and ensure that expenditure is line with budget priorities including the costing of new policy proposals and determining its relative priority.



Ms. Dinkie Nel
Acting Director

Tel: 053 830 8321
Nombulelo Bosch
Email: nbosch@ncpg.gov.za